Semi Truck Accidents

Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer in Minnesota & Wisconsin

General Information about Semi-Truck Accidents in the Midwest

Being involved in any auto accident can completely change your life in the blink of an eye. Dealing with being injured, missing work and trying to understand how to deal with the insurance companies can be a lot to juggle. The experienced trucking accident lawyers from Schroeder & Mandel can help you understand how Minnesota or Wisconsin law applies to your situation, and give you options for moving forward.

How Truck Accidents are Different than Car Accidents

Complex and Serious Injuries

When a semi-truck or commercial carrier is involved in an accident, the likelihood of serious injury (such as brain, spinal cord or neck injuries) and death is high. The size of the vehicles involved and the difficulty of determining how much it will cost to compensate the injured make truck accident cases more complex than normal car accidents. Spinal cord, head and neck injuries which may need treatment for years to come, may require in-depth medical analysis to ensure that the victim is given what they deserve and will have enough money to get through their recomended recovery.

Determining Truck Driver's Responsibility

Truck drivers are held to a much higher level of responsibility than normal drivers. They need to adhere to strict guidelines about how long they are able to drive. Trucking companies are also responsible to ensure that the trucks being driven are safe, correctly maintained, loaded correctly, that their loads are securely tied down. These factors, combined with potentially unsafe driving tactics employed by some semi-truck drivers can make determining and proving the cause of an accident difficult.

Free Truck Accident Legal Consultation

Richard Schroeder is an experienced personal injury attorney who grew up working for a commerical trucking company. He spent years driving semi-trucks which gives him a level of familiarity and insight to truck accidnents that is fairly rare among lawyers. He provides a free iniital consultation either in his office on the north side of the Twin Cities or over the phone to answer any questions you might have. To read more about why you should hire a truck accident lawyer, click here.

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