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Trucking accident law can change quickly. It's important to stay up to date on the issues effecting semi-trucks, their operators, guidelines for semi-trucks and more. This is a growing list that we will work to update on a regular basis.

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Trial Lawyers vs. Truckers (March 2015)

Insurance coverage is a key element to any crash involving a car, but more importantly an 18-wheel tractor/trailer. But, until the facts of the case are uncovered and liability assigned, most crashes pit the truck driver and their corporate employer against the individual motorist. Federal and state truck driving regulations place significant duties on companies and their truck drivers. An independent investigation is required with every wreck. (click here to read full article).

Big rigs often go faster than tires can handle (March 2015)

Many tractor-trailers on the nation's roads are driven faster than the 75 mph their tires are designed to handle, a practice that has been linked to wrecks and blowouts but has largely escaped the attention of highway officials. (click here to read full article)

Bakken Truckers often "Haul Heavy" (November 2014)

Did you know that every type of vehicle has a weight limit?  These weight limits are created, and need to be adhered to so that vehicles can accelerate, brake and turn the way there were designed to.  When a car or truck is overloaded, they lose control, and that can be dangerous to other drivers on the road.  Companies too often sacrifice the safety of their vehicles, drivers and everyone on or around the road to ensure that they make their deadlines or are able to move shipments more efficiently. (click to read full article)

The Trucking Industry Needs More Truckers... (August 2014)

Maybe it should pay more. How low pay can lead to overhead and unsafe trucking practices. (click here to read full article)

Truck Drivers & Cell Phone Usage (August 2014)

We see other motorists all the time on cell phones, but a trucker driving a 40,000lb rig on his cell phone?! Even though its a violation of Federal law, some truckers still do it. (click here to read full article)


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