Duties of a Trucking Company

The Duties of a Commercial Trucking Company

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If you have been in an accident involving a semi-truck or tractor-trailer, it's important to understand how the responsibilities of a commercial trucking company are different than that of a normal driver. Commercial vehicles and their drivers are subject to a variety of state and federal laws and regulations. Semi-truck drivers are only allowed to drive for a certain amount of hours in a given shift, day, or week. In addition to the regulations of drivers, trucking companies are also responsible to log their regular maintenance, mileage records, comply with weight limits and stop at all weigh stations.

The legal process around semi truck accidents in Minnesota and Wisconsin can be confusing and overwhelming. Working with an experienced attorney who has first hand understanding of the trucking can help ensure the best outcome for your situation. Learn more during a free initial consultation.

In some cases, the compensation you are entitled to is not entirely based on your damages. The insurance carrier for a trucking company may have already identified issues with your accident that could drastically change the outcome. In these cases, they will likely make you an offer that sounds good, but is typically far less than you are entitled to. For example, If a driver is found to have violated the time-limits by more than 3 hours, it may be considered an "egregious violation" and can be subject to additional penalties.

Did you Know?

Every year thousands of people are injured in auto and truck accidents. In June of 2014 the Senate was working to make regulations for fatigued truck drivers lighter, just days before the accident that put Tracy Morgan in critical condition. Click here to read the article.

It's important to remember that when you're up against the trucking company and their insurance carrier that you need someone on your side. If you have questions for an experienced truck accident injury lawyer, call today for a free consultation

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