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Rick has been around trucks and the trucking industry since his early childhood. Rick's father worked for International Harvester Company (n/k/a Navistar) his entire career, managing the International Harvester truck dealership in Madison, Wisconsin, for a decade. He was recruited by the company to be a "Troubleshooter," overseeing both company-owned truck dealerships, as well as independent dealerships. Toward the end of his career, Rick's father managed the International Harvester truck dealership in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

It is there where Rick, at age 13, began working with and around trucks, mechanics and truck drivers. Rick was driving semi-tractors and backing trailers around the truck dealership lot before even having his driver's permit. Once Rick received his driver's permit and turned 18, he was sent on many trips throughout the State of Wisconsin to pick up new and used semi-tractors for customers. Later on, he also gained valuable hands-on experience being sent to other states throughout the Midwest bringing back semi-trucks to the dealership for customers. Rick's experience around tractor trailers involved working as a mechanic's apprentice in the shop; moving into the Parts department; and then prior to college, working for two years as an over-the-road heavy duty truck parts salesman.

This hands-on, invaluable experience is what Rick brings to the table in handling every trucking collision case.

Rick's own experience extends to knowing capable, responsible truckers. His oldest brother was an over-the-road truck driver for many years. His longtime paralegal, Nan Ledin's, father was an over-the-road truck driver for his entire career. In addition, Rick and his firm have represented numerous truckers who have been involved in semi-tractor trailer/motor vehicle collision over the years.

It is during these times that Rick and his staff gain ongoing, invaluable, technical knowledge and information that they put to use in every case involving a semi-tractor and trailer collision. When looking for an attorney to handle such a complex collision, think about whether it is important to have an attorney who actually knows how to operate a semi-tractor and trailer, has driven one, has been around the trucking industry and has represented truck drivers and accident victims throughout his career.

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Office Staff

Nan [Paralegal & Office Manager]: Nan has worked with Rick for 24 years, since his days as a law clerk. She attended the Minnesota School of Business and her roles at the firm include keeping Rick on schedule with court, arbitrations, hearings, depositions and client meetings, trial management and overseeing all official client matters. She enjoys traveling, fishing/camping, gardening and spending time with her grandchildren.

"The best part about working for Schroeder & Mandel is that we're a small firm dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients the best we can......whether it's a big case or small case."

Jody [Legal Secretary]: When not working with Rick on all cases in litigation and drafting pleadings, Jody enjoys cats, movies and movie soundtracks. Jody is also a professional photographer, specializing in kids and teens.

Rachel [Legal Secretary]: Rachel lives in the details of the medical aspects of our clients' cases. She is responsible for ordering and cataloging all medical records, bills, medical expert reports and medical summaries at the law firm. Rachel is an avid gardener and runner. She's lived in the St. Paul area her whole life and is a graduate of Metropolitan State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services, and Tartan High School.


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