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Injured in a Semi-Truck Accident?

We can help. Before you talk to the insurance company, or agree to anything, take advantage of a free consultation with a lawyer. Semi-Truck accidents require experienced counsel who understand the trucking industry and all of the types of compensation that you may be eligible for.

You Only Get One Shot at Getting The Compensation You Deserve.

Meet Richard J. Schroeder

Rick has been working to protect the rights of injured people for over 20 years. He is dedicated to working with you to get the best possible outcome to your case.


“I've never been through something like this before so it was scary for me to deal with. Thankfully I had Rick as my lawyer who walked me through the entire process.

I would have never been able to do this without Rick and remain thankful that I had someone I could trust on my side.”

“We are thankful that the lord has given us a man that fights for the little people, justice and for what is right.

Thankful for your suport staff and your ability to take on Farmers (insurance company) and prevail!”

“ Rick has been an incredible attorney for us! He knows know how far he can push on our behalf, and when to stop.

I trust Rick completely in the decision making process and really am thankful to him and his staff for all their time and work on our case.”

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We can help you understand the process and answer your questions.  
If you choose to proceed with your case, there is no up-front fee.

Minnesota & Wisconsin Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

Having an experienced attorney ensures the best possible result

If you have been injured in an auto accident involving a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle, having an attorney on your side is critical. While the insurance company may seem to be making a fair offer, it's always in your best interest to have an experienced truck attorney review the circumstances around your accident and ensure that you are getting a fair settlement.

For a free initial consultation to understand how we can help with your car / trucking accident, call 877-426-8740 today.

There are two main factors that make semi-truck and commercial vehicle accidents different from a typical car accident. First, the sheer size of an 18-wheel semi-truck makes the likelihood of serious injury or death much higher than that of a typical car accident. Secondly, the operation of trucks and commercial vehicles is overseen by extensive regulation and higher standards than normal drivers. For these, and many other reasons, if you have been in accident where a truck was involved, talk to a lawyer to understand your rights and what to expect during the legal process around your accident.

If you have been involved in an auto accident with a semi-truck, 18-wheeler tractor-trailer or any other commercial vehicle, call the Law office of Schroeder & Mandel in the Twin Cities for a free initial consultation.

The duties of a commercial trucking company

There are times when accidents can be prevented. In a normal (two non-commercial vehicles) car accident, if one of the drivers didn't clear all of the snow from their windshield or needed new tires which may have decreased their stopping time it really doesn't effect the outcome of the case. However, commercial carriers and semi trucks are held to a higher standard. They are responsible for both the safety and maintenance of their vehicles, and can be found to be negligent in cases where the lack of maintenance caused or contributed to an accident.
To read more about the duties of a commercial trucking company, click here.

Regular Inspection of Semi-Trucks - Maintenance & Records

There is an expansive set of regulations regarding the maintenance and record-keeping required for large commercial vehicles. To help reduce the inherent danger of driving such a large vehicle, regular inspections aim to ensure that every possible precaution has been taken in order to make commercial vehicles as safe as possible. If you have been in an accident, inspecting the history and records of the vehicle involved to make sure that all of the appropriate maintenance and upkeep has taken place is critical. If for some reason the records are unavailable or we find the the semi-truck involved in an accident was not up to standards, we will help you hold the trucking company and other appropriate parties responsible.

Truck Drivers & Dangerous Driving

Every driver who has driven on an interstate highway has at some point felt too close to a semi truck or tractor trailer. Because of the wind, noise, and sheer size of commercial vehicles, they can be intimidating to share the road with. However, there are times when drivers (either literally or figuratively) cross a line and cause an accident. Crossing over dividing lines, speeding, following at an unsafe distance, not signaling lane changes, and other dangerous driving behaviors can have dramatic effects on drivers anywhere near a semi-truck. If you feel that your accident was caused by unsafe driving by a semi-truck, call our law office for a free consultation today.

Winter driving dangers and Semi-Trucks

Commercial truck companies are also responsible for their drivers and must ensure that they are acting with extreme caution and complying with all state and federal safety regulations. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, drivers are often faced with dangerous winter driving. It can make the roads slippery, the lane lines impossible to see and even driving at half of the posted speed limit can be deadly. When winter driving is at it's worst, it's not uncommon to see a commercial truck driving as if it's 70 and sunny. If you were involved in an accident where snow, ice or excessive speed for the current road conditions was a factor, call Schoreder & Mandel today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin to investigate the weather and road condition factors that may have contributed to the accident, and work towards making a determination as to whether the semi-truck driver was driving too fast for the current conditions.

How can a truck accident lawyer help?

When you are in an accident with a commercial vehicle, the insurance company for the commercial carrier will take action immediately. They will hire investigators, gather records and collect evidence to start building their side of the story. They will have lawyers working hard to protect their interests, and you should too. The thing that many auto and truck accident victims don't learn until it's too late is that they need experience on their side. Working directly with the truck-driver's insurance adjuster and legal team typically does not end well. The main problem is that there is no one except for you trying to protect your interests, and you will be the only one who has not gone through this process. Even the playing field; make sure that you have an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side to ensure the best possible result.
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